Spider Man Lotus Wayne Warden Racism Controversy Check What Happened Exactly

The much-awaited fan film spider man lotus has been lately creating a lot of buzzes on social media and the internet. Some pictures and the script of the movie have been leaked on the social media platform Twitter and thus that’s the prominent reason why the picture is making so much buzz on social media lately. The pictures and the script of the movie leaked just a day after the racist statement of the director and the actor of the film came out with the blow.

Spider man lotus

According to the reports, popular actor Wayne Warden and the director Gavin K Konop have lately been facing a massive heat wave by the netizens on social media. The duo is lately having a harsh time on social media, both of them are facing massive backlash on social media for some of the racist comments that they posted in past. Their past views and comments were racist and they are currently getting viral all across social media.

Their previous comments are very harsh and rude and that is the prominent reason why the duo is having such a hard time on social media. The public is angered by their comments. In this digital era, you never know, when your dug problematic past will come out and how it will be perceived by the public. Also, the 83-page script of the movie too has been leaked out on Twitter and thus the stormy clouds are floating all across the stars and the film. The public is also talking about the script and story of the film on social media.

Netizens are tweeting and retweeting their views and take on this controversy. You all know-how, that in today’s world putting up your views is easy all credits to the internet and social media. The public is not in a mood to forgive the stars so easily and thus social media is flooding with public angry reactions to their past racist comments. The public is teaching them a lesson for their ill mind and tongue. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.

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