What Is the Noor Dimension in ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3, and How Does It Connect to Djinn?

In case you’ve been ready for some critical solutions about what’s been occurring in Disney+’s Ms. Marvel… Nicely, you’re going to must hold ready, as there’s loads of thriller nonetheless to unravel. However Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel, titled “Destined”, has a fairly huge data dump about loads of issues, together with — and spoilers previous this level — the Noor Dimension, Djinn, The Clandestine, and… A connection to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings?

Tons to unpack right here, so let’s unpack it, and clarify what we will about all this stuff, in addition to their connection to the Marvel Comics supply materials.

What Is The Noor Dimension In Marvel Comics, And Ms. Marvel?

The quick reply is that the Noor Dimension isn’t one thing that exists in Marvel Comics. In Ms. Marvel, although, it’s defined by Najma (Nimra Bucha), who’s Kamran‘s (Rish Shah) mother and the mysterious lady who has been exhibiting up in Kamala’s (Imani Vellani) visions, as an alternate dimension that she, her mates, and Kamala’s Nice Grandmother Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) are all from. We don’t know the specifics of how they have been exiled from the Noor Dimension, however we do know that they’ve been trapped on Earth for an extended, very long time, a minimum of since 1942.

We additionally know, a minimum of in response to Najma, that the Noor Dimension is house to a species that we typically name the Djinn. However what are Djinn? Nice query, right here’s that very same query however in a bigger font.

What Are The Djinn in Ms. Marvel?

Djinn are legendary creatures from folklore who’re generally interchangeably referred to as genies, or jinn, although they do generally work otherwise. The can be demons, as Kamala’s father helpfully explains to Bruno (Matt Lintz) midway by means of the episode. In Ms. Marvel, we additionally know that they generally go by different names, like The Clandestine.

Now, right here’s the place we really do get into some Marvel Comics lore, surprisingly. Although I don’t anticipate there will likely be actual connection, Clan Destine was a gaggle of superpowered people first launched in 1994’s Marvel Comics Presents #158 by Alan Davis. The group have been all descendants of a person named Adam, and a girl named Elalyth who was a… Watch for it… Djinn.

So whereas I don’t, once more, anticipate this to comply with the super-convoluted continuity of Clan Destine from the comics, as traditional the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is liberally pulling from the supply materials to create some continuity of its personal. On this case, we uncover that Kamala, in addition to her mom and grandmother, are all descendants of Aisha, who was/is a Djinn, they usually all have Djinn blood. That’s what permits Kamala to entry the ability of the bangles.

Which brings us to one thing else we should always most likely point out…

How Does Ms. Marvel Connect with Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings?

Loads of this part will likely be guessing and supposition, however the important thing reality right here is that we all know Kamala has some magic jewellery of unknown origin that permits her to speak with one other, faraway dimension. Equally, Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) has ten magical rings that, as we noticed ultimately credit scene for that film, are speaking with some unusual, faraway dimension.

And then, within the opening scene of this episode, as Aisha and Nadja excavate a wreckage strewn collapse 1942 to retrieve the bangles, the digital camera pans out to point out the image of the Ten Rings on the ground. So clearly there’s a connection right here, and whether or not the wreckage was attributable to a battle between the Ten Rings group and the Clandestine, or in any other case, TBD. However it’s a considerably stunning flip for a present that appeared to be most closely establishing The Marvels, a film that can group up Kamala, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). Will Shang-Chi present up, as nicely? I don’t know! No concept! Depart me alone!

So there you go: a lot of questions, extra solutions to come back. And that’s what you missed on Glee! I imply, Ms. Marvel.

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